28. Aug, 2021

Gold price today at Rs 46,620 per 10 gm, silver trending at 63,000 a kg

The price of 10 gm of 22-carat gold increased by Rs 400 to Rs 46,620 on Saturday. In previous trade, gold had closed at Rs 46,220 per 10 grams.


Silver was selling at Rs 63,000 per kg, down by Rs 200 from the previous trade, according to Good Returns website.


The price of gold jewellery varies across India, the second-largest consumer of the metal, due to excise duty, state taxes, and making charges.
In New Delhi and Mumbai, 10 gm of gold was selling at Rs 46,550 and 46,620, respectively. In Chennai, the yellow metal is selling at Rs 44,840, according to the website.
The rate of 24-carat gold also increased by Rs 400 to Rs 47,620 per 10 gm.


In New Delhi, the gold price stands at Rs 50,780 per 10 gm (24 carat), while in Mumbai it is Rs 47,620.
CREDIT : BS Web team | Last Updated at August 28 2021 07:01 IST